How Did Wayne Shorter Die? Wife, Cause Of Death Revealed

Wayne Shorter, the legendary saxophonist regarded as one of America’s greatest jazz composers and one of the genre’s most daring risk-takers, died on Thursday in Los Angeles. Shorter’s publicist, Alisse Kingsley, confirmed his death to AFP without elaborating on the circumstances. He was 86 years old.

The enigmatic jazz elder collaborated with Miles Davis and went on to become a leading bandleader on soprano and tenor sax, including with his group Weather Report. He was one of the last living jazz greats who came up during the genre’s heyday in the 1950s when it was both the soundtrack to dance halls and gained traction in intellectual circles.

Over his long career, he won 12 competitive Grammys, the most recent of which came just last month, as well as a Recording Academy lifetime achievement award.

Who was Wayne Shorter?

Wayne Shorter was a jazz saxophonist and composer from the United States. Shorter rose to prominence as a member of, and eventually primary composer for, Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers in the late 1950s. In the 1960s, he was a member of Miles Davis’ Second Great Quintet before co-founding the jazz fusion band Weather Report. As a bandleader, he released over 20 albums.

Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, and Coleman Hawkins were among his early influences. Shorter joined Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers in 1959 and stayed for four years, eventually becoming a musical director and composing for the band. They toured the United States, Japan, and Europe together, recording several albums.

During this time, Shorter established himself as one of the most gifted young saxophonists, earning international recognition.

Wife And Children

Carolina Shorter is the wife of Wayne Shorter. The couple has 2 daughters named Miyako and Mariana. His second wife, Ana Maria, passed away in a plane crash in 1996, according to the AP, and his daughter Iska perished in an epileptic seizure in 1985, per the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

How Did Wayne Shorter Die?

Wayne Shorter died Thursday morning at the age of 89, his publicist confirmed to The Post. Shorter passed away in a Los Angeles hospital, but his cause of death has not been revealed.

His spokesperson said in a statement: “Visionary composer, saxophonist, visual artist, devout Buddhist, devoted husband, father and grandfather Wayne Shorter has embarked on a new journey as part of his extraordinary life — departing the earth as we know it in search of an abundance of new challenges and creative possibilities,” reported.


Expanding Dan, a Steely Dan newsletter wrote:

RIP jazz giant Wayne Shorter.

Miles Davis once advised him not to wear his heart on his sleeve: “Don’t give too much away.”

Instead he put it all in his music.

Here is Shorter talking about playing on Steely Dan’s epic “Aja.”

Otto Von Biz Markie wrote:

RIP Wayne Shorter, the soul of Miles’ 2nd great quintet, the greatest group of all groups, who infused the sax w/ every human emotion, a brilliant composer & inventive fusionist transcending genre boundaries, incorporating all strange earthly sounds into his own mystic brew.

Joni Mitchell wrote:

Rest in peace to longtime Joni friend and collaborator Wayne Shorter. A visionary musician and composer, his contributions to the world of music will always be remembered.

Photo by Lester Cohen

Dust-to-Digital wrote:

R.I.P. Wayne Shorter, August 25, 1933 – March 2, 2023. Here he is performing his composition “Footprints” in 1967 with Miles Davis on trumpet, Ron Carter on bass, Herbie Hancock on piano and Tony Williams on drums.

Herbie Hancock wrote:

Wayne Shorter, my best friend, left us with courage in his heart, love and compassion for all, and a seeking spirit for the eternal future. He was ready for his rebirth. As it is with every human being, he is irreplaceable . . .

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